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Master  Ecology and Evolutionary Systematics
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HappyHonoursGroup Foto: Nicole van Dam

MEES honours students mentored by Nicole van Dam

Four excellent MS students of the Master Ecology and Evolutionary Systematics (MEES) were selected to participate in Honours en Programme en at FSU Jena. MSc students Dongik Chang, Alex Krüger, Sheethal Vepur Ramamurthy, and Mariana Paetzolt will be mentored by Nicole van Dam, Professor of Molecular Interaction Ecology at FSU Jena/iDiv, and Markus Bernhardt-Römermann, Research group leader Vegetation Ecology at FSU Jena.  The programme intends to give excellent students a deeper insight into research and the scientific community, thus preparing them for a scientific career. Next to personal mentoring, the students can attend extra courses and funds for participating in conferences and networking activities. Congratulations to Dongik, Alex, Sheethal and Mariana with this great success! More information on their research projects can be found here. en


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